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Many router manufacturers use as an IP address of class A to make it the default gateway for the routers. In the LAN, all the devices must have different IP addresses. More than one routing devices cannot have the same IP address. It is used to set up a network, and also the local default address for numerous routers.

The use of

Setting the router with the IP address is quite easy. Just login to the admin panel of the router with the easy steps:

  • Open or paste on the address bar of the browser.
  • Put the username and the password when asked, and if you lose them, check the easy guide here.
  • Go to the menu, saying ‘Network’.
  • Enter the username and password, or the other credentials, provided by your ISP.
  • The Google DNS is and the alternative DNS is

Setting the wireless network of your router is also possible from the IP address, and you should choose a good encryption option like WPA or WPE.

Some issues with

There can be some issues with, like gateway unresponsive, device assignment problem, etc. If you face the second problem, you will have to configure the IP address with static IP. The first problem can be caused due to technical issues. Incorrect client address assignment problem is another issue. The problem arises is the IP addresses are automatically assigned to the connected clients, causing such glitches, but that is very rare. It can also cause corruption with gateway settings.

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