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A lot of Netgear, D-Link and Tp-Link router's have it as a default IP address. It is used as the default gateway in IPv4 private network. The IP address only assigned to a single device in order to avoid collisions. Other similar before gateways are or

Right after logging into your modem by the use of this IP online, you’re straight away offered the options of choosing or modifying the diverse settings of the administrative panel of your modem. The panel consists of ADSL, MAC, DHCP, DSP, PPPOE, DMZ, Proxy, IP QoS, WLAN, LAN, DSL, WAN, security settings, DNS server settings, and a great deal more.


In order to access the router admin page, follow or paste in the address bar of your browser. After opening the link, you can make all kind of basic and advanced changes to the router. It being in IPv4 private address, any device can use IP address. But you should be careful that you do not assigned IP address to more than one device, to avoid conflicts.

No access to

If you type the IP address but you cannot access the admin page, it might not be the default gateway for your computer. The easiest way to find the gateway is to go to start and type CMD followed by the enter key. After that enter ‘ipconfig/all’ and press enter. Check the results in order to find your default gateway. If you cannot find it, find the tutorial here.

Router’s password changing

If you want to secure your network, use a strong password. But don’t rely on the default one. Just log into the router admin panel, and go to the admin tab. You will get the option to change the password. You will have to enter the password twice for security.

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