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It is IP address of a number of broadband routers, design for household purposes. They are mostly used in SMC and Belkin products. The following IP address is default and cannot be changed.

Logging in to

In order to access the control panel of your router, you will have to paste the link on your browser address bar. If it is the correct IP address, you will have to enter the username and the password. In the console, you will be able to change a number of settings. Sometime in the router might get disconnected, and you might see an error about the webpage being not available.

As the IP address is, you cannot connect your router to any network out of the home, as it is a private IPv4 address. If you need to learn to routers at your home, it is advisable that you use separate addresses. You can understand which router is using which default gateway, by having a look at the default gateway, using a device connected to the network.

Change from

The admin console can be used to change the default local address of your router. If you are already logged in, go to Network, and then the LAN section. You can change the default gateway to any other addresses like and from there.


Entering on the browser address bar can help you to access the administration panel of the modem. In case you forget it, reset the router to factory default settings by pressing the reset button for a few seconds.

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